Breakfast in Santa Cruz with traditional Brzilian recipes!
Close to downtown on Mission St., we have a small parking place and to order flexibiity.
Breakfast and brunch with Brazilian roots and our typical Santa Cruz ambiance and culture lived intensily every day!
Breakfast and typical California-beach culture! One of our satisfactions is to see locals as well as Brazilian and travelers from all over the country and the world enjoy our dishes and juices...
On the weekends we have many University students that come for a breakfast or brunch, to relax and recharge their batteries.
Besides our sumptuous and abundant typical Brazilian and American blend breakfast dishes, we also offer fruit bowls with cerelas, a popular choice for to go.
Families and group of friends are welcome!
Delicious shrimps for Breakfast or Brunch!
Shrimps with coconut and rice is a typical Brazilian dish.
We have outside sitting to under a pergola.
Our juices are made from scratch using fresh fruit omne at a time when ordered - pure nutrition and flavoe!
Breakfst and brunch!

Santa Cruz

Breakfast, Brunch and Lunch in Santa Cruz - Brazilian Style

1410 Mission St . Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Monday-Sunday: 8am - 3pm
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Breakfast, Juices, Bowls & Dishes in Santa Cruz, Brazilian Style
Cafe Brasil is a family business where you can feel almost as invited to a Brazilian home.

Breakfast and all dishes are delicious from traditional Brazilian recipes with some Californian and Santa Cruz touches, the atmosphere is warm, alive, laid back, as if being in a restaurant or home in Rio de Janeiro, Bahia or another cozy Brazilian place - always with the Santa Cruz culture!

We put a lot of effort and care in providing such a friendly, relaxed and happy ambiance because that 's a fundamental part of what Brazilian culture is about. Tasting our generous size dishes will just surprise you with flavors from Brazil's tropical land, especially its fruits and vegetables, fundamental ingredients of our breakfast and brunch. You can sample a large variety of dishes and discover the richness of Brazilian hearty and tasty cuisine. Don't forget adding a freshly made juice and Brazilian coffee, you will be transported to the special land, culture and hospitality of Brazil.

Breakfast & Brunch

Breakfast and Brunch with the perfect balance between Brazilian specialties and the Santa Cruz lifestyle, with a unique touch of family recipes and creativity. All dishes are carefully created and prepared with healthy and fresh products, delivered daily. We offer selected ingredients such as free cage eggs, natural meat with no hormones added, fresh fish and great vegetarian options.


We invite you to experiment a breakfast with some of the exotic Amazon fruits in our fresh blended juices, high in vitamins and full of flavor. Fruits like açaí, acerola and caju (cashew fruit) brings you the taste and freshness of a tropical day in Brazil, with a Santa Cruz twist! You will fall in love with our popular açaí bowl and chill out with our delicious mimosas made with all sorts of fruits.


Our grocery shop offers some essential ingredients in Brazilian culinary, so you can take a little bit of Cafe Brasil also to your home. Products that brings remarkable flavors like Brazilian coffe, farofa (yucca flour), palm oil, guaraná soda and pão de queijo mix (cheese bread) that you will only find here or in Brazil.

About Us

Joao Luis Frota came from Brazil to Santa Cruz more than 30 years ago, and after visiting Hawaii and other places with his wife Claudia decided to set roots in Santa Cruz, California. The call was a blend of the beautiful city between the redwoods and the Pacific Ocean, beaches, the people from Santa Cruz and its University; a great place to raise a family.

He started with a breakfast place 24 years ago. He always liked breakfast and was surprised by the typical American Breakfast, which he started offering while little by little added Brazilian dishes. Finding that people wanted to have choices on how to change and add some ingredients and toppings, over time Cafe Brasil evolved into a Brazilian breakfast, brunch and lunch place with the possibility to tailor many dishes to the client's desires.

Today one of his biggest satisfactions is to see a Brazilian cafe with Brazilian atmosphere where people not only enjoy a large variety of dishes and fresh juices, but they also can relax and feel comfortable with the traditional Brazilian hospitality, warmth and friendliness.

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